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Sydney Skyline
Sydney Skyline (6)
Trip Date:2000-01 - 2002-02
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Countries visited:Australia, Thailand
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I started off in sydney where I met up with a friend from home and after a bit of work we bought a 4.1 litre beast of a car we called Bruce. From there we drove up the East Coast taking in the usual backpacker stops such as Byron Bay, Airlie Beach, Fraser Island, Whitsundays, etc. From there we drove across to the middle and then down to Melbourne via Adelaide. My friend left for the UK, but met up with my girlfriend and another mate, and drove up the middle again to revisit Uluru, Alice, etc. and then went on up to Darwin. From Darwin we drove all the way down to Perth, and as we couldn't find any work there, we flew back to Sydney and found jobs straight away. We lived there for a while and then spent a month in thailand on our way home. A lot fo driving, but a great trip!

I could go on and give details of humourous stories and adventures enjoyed, but alas, I feel that there is not room enough for such a volley of words.