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United States
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Trip Date:2005-03-31 - 2005-04-23
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Countries visited:United States
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A very good Englishman friend has married his American Fiance and invited us over to enjoy the occassion. The first week was spent in Ponce Inlet, a small and quiet part of Daytona Beach. The second was spent in Orlando enjoying the usual attractions. Three of us went, myself, my girlfiend, and a good mate. We were met there by loads of people from school days, so plenty good times were had.

We all enjoyed our 16 day holiday and enjoyed what America had to offer. It is a strange place that I can only sum up as sterile. Everything was clean and groomed in this part of the States. I know that the whole of the US isn't this way, but down here in Florida where the average age seems to be 60+ everything just seemed so planned and spread out. Very different to what i am used to in London.

Another word to describe it is big. From the food, to the roads, to the vehicles, and lastly to my stomach which has grown enormously in just over 2 weeks!