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Trip Date:1999-09 - 2001-02
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Countries visited:Angola
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I spent almost one year and a half working in Angola and only saw Luanda, the main city and few places within a 50 mile perimeter. I went there for my first job and it was an unforgetable experience. I still remember the evening I arrived in the old international airport and traveled on the dusty crowdy road through the city to my flat.

During the second part of my stay, I discovered the wonders of digital photography in a country where taking pictures is forbidden. So, I had to adopt few technics to be able to shoot quietly. It was quite funny in fact even if I experimented few troubles with police a couple of times.

During this stay, I guess I took about 3 000 pictures, mainly from the city, the beaches and from friends of course. To do so, I could only take places from my car or wait for a deserted place and chose some remote spot within the city.

This unknown country faces a humanitarian disaster due to the civil war which has been lasting for the past 25 years. A simple fact : when you travel through the town itself, you notice that the shanty town - which is called Musseque - is probably 10 times wider than the decent area with "real buildings". It's an amazing situation... Everywhere, the sign of poverty surround you. When walking down a street, you are quite sure to meet some guys looking for food in the garbage. It's quite a harsh experience during the first month but you have to get used to it. Otherwise, I guess it's impossible to have the courage to walk around and discover the town and the positive aspects...

Indeed, there are many nice things to discover too. There is an incredible architecture inheritage of the portuguese presence through the various administrative buildings you can find. Even if they can be in of poor aspects, they usually display wonderful colors under the bright sun.

There are also incredible place to discover in the whole country. One of them is called Miradouro da Lua as a reference to the Moon. Indeed, that's an incredible point of view in front of the sea from which you can see a "Colorado" like place.

It was my fist discovery of Africa. I hope I will have other opportunities.