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Trip Date:2009-07-10 - 2009-08-18
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Countries visited:China
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This time we made a loop from Shanghai, first up to the former capital Nanjing and then inland through the provinces Anhui and Jiangxi, before wrapping it up in southern Zhejiang and returning to Shanghai with tyfoon Morakot on our trail.

Here are seven highlights, a personal selection obviously...

- a couple of days of relaxing in Tongli (Jiangsu)
- admiring the Huizhou villages in southern Anhui
- full solar eclipse in Xidi
- village life in Wuyuan and Luotiancun in Jiangxi
- visiting the Tianyi Pavillion in Ningbo (Zhejiang)
- a sense of discovery in Taishun county in southern Zhejiang
- the food, the food, the food

And we're already planning our next trip to China.