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Trip Date:2006-06
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This was my first time in Africa.

Tado was my first time to stay overnight in an African village.

Tado is home the the Ewe tribe. Tado is also known as a pilgrimage site for vodoo (which originated in the area now known as Benin and Togo.) However, there is also a Christian influence in the region. We were blessed to stay in the village (I even had a bat screetching over my misquito net one night.) The people were welcoming. We were able to give out glasses, school supplies and some hygene supplies. It is of course never enough. Since we could not drink the local water, be brought bottled water. After finishing with one bottle, we would quickly rip the label off the bottle and give it to a child to use to carry water. Many of the children had torn clothing.

I learned how to draw water from a well. The women taught me how they do laundry. They offered to wash my clothing. To be polite, I had to say yes, but I also just could not let someone else wash my dirty underwear. To turn down hospitality is an insult. It was also difficult because people wanted to keep feeding us, and it is incredibly difficult to eat when one is full and it is hot outside in addition to children watching you eat. That was difficult on me. I wanted to give the children the food, but then my host (who was the President for the International Society of Human Rights, Togo) said we would be insulting the villagers. Usually, the men eat first, women eat next, and then the children eat. As a woman, it was very unusual that I was at the first table.