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Trip Date:2006-03-05
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Countries visited:India
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As it was yesterday, I remember that Sunday, lazy to get up and not in the mood to do anything due to the sad news I received a few days ago of my mother.
In fact I wished to return straight back home but I had to wait for the rescheduled flight in a few day, so that I could leave silently to bring a last greet to my deceived mother, who ended her many trips with me to Tamil Nadu back home with the words: I never should have left India.

But Anandselvi didn't stop to urge me to go along. 'As long as you are here, you can't do anything else, better to change your mind by going to the countryside', he insisted.
Oh well, after a late, late breakfast I finally consented and we started off at already begin afternoon, much too late to go all the way, more then 20km outside Madurai city.
The city itself is always rather empty on Sundays afternoons, so here was no distraction to find.

After a long ride with the bike along the highway we reached a small side road leading to our target. Slowly the landscape changed and the trees protected us from the hot burning sun. It was a glass clear day, cool air, no mist at all and under the trees rather refreshing.

And then we reached a very small village, I proposed Anand to take a break and to look around. Discovering this small village, I saw the children playing around, running after a black goat ... and my mood changed, the people were nice here, at first a bit not at ease to see a white man (vellikaran) at their place but soon we started to talk with them and the ice melted.
I felt it, I had to take my camera out, I wanted to hold on to this cozy sunny village with the leisure mood of a Sunday afternoon with some photos to remember it always that no matter what, life goes on in all its fine enjoyment.

So here the reflection of that day to remember .....
(The right sequence of shots you can better see in the theme 'Mungalam'.)