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Dead Sea
Dead Sea (28)
Trip Date:2005-09-17 - 2005-09-25
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We landed at 1:00 AM and slept in Amman before leaving the city at 10:00 AM for Petra where we arrived 2h30 later through the modern highway. We reached the Petra Palace hotel (great place) which was conveniently located at the entrance of the Petra site (300m).

We dedicated the afternoon for a preliminary walk in Petra. We met Aaron a very kind Bedouin which made us discover few monuments. He suggested organizing a camel ride which would bring us to the Aaron mount where we could discover different landscapes and the tomb of Aaron, Moise’s brother.


We joined a sympathetic three French people group and a guide to visit the high places of Petra and discover the site differently. We went up the Sacrifice High place close to the Roman theatre riding donkeys.

In the afternoon, we walked up to the Ed Deir monastery climbing something like 850 steps… A different view of the Monastery here.


We had an early rise to meet Aaron our Bedouin for the camel ride and his nephew. It took us 3h00 through beautiful valleys and Nabatean temples carved in the cliffs in the suburbs of Petra to reach the top of the Djebel Aaron. From the top we discovered an amazing landscape over Petra, the Israeli border and the Djebel Arabia with 1800m mountains and the desert in the background. We visited the little white mosque on the top of the Djebel, hosting the tomb of Aaron.

We had a lunch and met friendly Lebanese people who were running in that area !!!

On the way back to Petra, we stopped in the tent where our guide was living with his wife, kids and his 93-years-old father who owned the key of the Aaron mausoleum. We had a tea with the family : not much discussion from our side apart from “Sala’am” and “Shoukran” but a lot of friendly smiles were exchanged and laugh burst when we saw the goats around trying to drink in our tea glass. We really enjoyed that moment.

At night, we took part to the "Petra by night” show. The mood is very nice since all the way down to the “Treasur” is enlighten with candles, including the narrow Siqh.


Fourth day in Petra. I guess we entered the Siqh something like 8 or 9 times since we are there but like anyone around me, I can't help being amazed by the view when we are exiting the narrow cliffs to discover the Kezneh. This is really something impossible to forget and a renewed pleasure.

Early walk up to the Djebel Khubta in the heights of Petra. It allowed us to discover the sunrise over the roman theatre and the various temples. We found a narrow dead-end path to get just in front of the Kezneh 50-60m high around 9:30 AM when the sun started to enlighten directly the front wall of the tomb. Nice moment to be alone on the cliffs seeing the tourists gathering below :)

Then, we went back to the hotel for a swim and came back to Petra in the late afternoon to get sunset pictures (around 18:00 PM) from the King’s tombs.


We took a taxi to reach the Wadi Rum desert around 9:30 AM with Christy, a dynamic American girl who has been spending few weeks travelling in the different countries around Jordan. We met her the previous evening in Petra when we left the place.

Then, we hired a guide for a 4-wheel-drive tour in the desert to discover the most remarkable part of the desert, especially "Rock bridge" the big one called "Burdah" or the little one called "Um Fruth",writings carved on cliffs and a house were "Laurence of Arabia" used to live.

Surprisingly, the most interesting part of the day to me was when our guide left us alone to the tent were we would spend the night my wife and I. I could have a walk alone on the dunes around and we had the silent space of the desert for us. A great moment to refuel one cells :)


After few sunrise pictures and few shots from the activity around us, we left the Wadi Rum by bus for Aqaba where we rented a car. The guy from the agency was extremely sympathetic and gave us a luxury car for a subcompact daily rate. The we started our 3-day trip along the King’s way up to the north. We discovered the Ash-Shawbak castle, went up the Wadi Al-Mujib mounts, had a stop in the Dana Natural park were we met nice people from different countries. We had a walk in the fields around, spent a long moment chatting with local people and kids to try to buy Grenada fruits.

Then, we reached Kerak for the night.


We visited the Kerak castle before breakfast then left for Madaba we reached around 11:30 AM. The afternoon was dedicated to different visits south-east of Amman : “Nebo mount” were Moise died; “Bethany beyond the Jordan” where Jesus was probably baptized; then had a swim in the "Dead Sea” during the sunset.

After that, we lost something like three hours unable to find the way back to Madaba. It was especially funny because we were lost in the middle of nowhere because the main road from Amman to Madaba was closed. The funnier was we were running out of fuel.


We visited Madaba and different IVth and Vth century Christian churches. We discovered a map of Palestine from 650 AD made of Mosaics in a Greek orthodox lovely small church. Too bad they were a lot of tourist groups gathering in that church. We probably should have come earlier.

The afternoon was dedicated to the visit of Jerash which was part of the Roman Dcapolis. It’s an impressive place to be discovered since many building are in a very good shape. Though, we found that modern houses (some shanty towns as well) nearby really spoiled the view but we met very kind people.


We visited ALJOUN located west from Jerash and its Arabic fortress made for Salah-ah-din during the crusade area. Then, we drove to the north to visit Um Qays which was also part of the Roman decapole. A much smaller place than Jerash but we found it more charming since there were no town around the spoil to view. On the contrary, we had a terrific view over the Tiberiade lake, the Golan and the Syrian border.

After that, we went down the valley to follow the Jordan river towards the south aiming for Amman. I guess we passed through 8 military check-points since the Israeli and Syrian borders were just on the other side of the river.

We had diner in Salt where we could walk in the Soukh and wander around to feel the mood of the City. It was not easy to locate a place where to eat but we made it and found some very tasty food for our last meal in Jordan. Then, way back to Amman and the airport...