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Bought my first camera (Minolta 404Si) when taking a trip to Nepal in 2001 - my first one.
I forgot to bring the pocket cam I was planning to take from home, so I found myself searching for one when I landed - and that, my friends, was the beginning of a wonderful (and expenssive) friendship.

the first 3 rolls were a total waste of time and money. I took photos of anything that stood still long enough.
when the pictures returned from the local nepali photos shop - I got depressed - it was all crap.
it made me think twice before pressing the magic button. Which amazingly improved my shots...

however - now that I got my digital cam, its back to happy happy joy joy click click.
free of charge.

due to not travelling much lately, I have come to the conclusion that my shots lack excitement... I just get too lazy to go out to shoot, the views are not that interesting, and carrying a cam all the time makes people stare at you.
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Minolta 404si, Minolta Dimage 7Hi

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