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An Indonesian guy living in foreign country :p

I spent most of my life in Indonesia until 2005 when I got a chance to pursue an MBA in Europe, got a degree in Netherlands and did several months of exchange prog. in Barcelona, I have travelled to most western European countries.

Working as an IT consultant now in Amsterdam, yet still stealing time to travel during the weekend. Feel tired sometimes but can't resist the temptation to see new places and revisit them again whenever possible.

Just got my first DSLR in February 2008, haven't even read the manual. It''s not brand new, in fact it has been modified so it can only take IR pic. For normal pic I will still use my prosumer camera but I'm checking on the new Sony A350, looks like a great camera

Looking forward to go back to my country on May, hopefully I can make more decent pictures of this beautiful country this time.
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