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Hello, and thanks for viewing my profile. I got my start in photography back in 1981 when a good friend sold me an old (even back then) Petri FT 35mm SLR camera for $20.00 (Thanks Tommy wherever you are). I still have that camera and it still works very well. He proceeded to teach me about the rule of thirds, depth of field, exposure, etc… but let me feel my own way around composition (unless it was just awful).

Years, and lots of film later, I let other things take over my life and my money. About 8 years ago my current wife bought me my first digital camera (an Olympus D490Z) and suddenly I was interested in shooting again. Especially since I no longer had to pay for processing. After shooting away wildly for awhile I started getting back on track with my composition. I don’t shoot people well but nature and landscapes talk to me.

Three years ago I came back to the SLR world with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel. I upgraded the original kit lens and then added a 70 – 300mm telephoto. Last month I replaced that camera with the newer Rebel XT. I then purchased a 10 - 20mm wide lens and my mind is overflowing with the possibilities.

I hope my shots move you to make some comments or critiques. I look forward to hearing anything they bring to mind as I could always use some help.

Thanks again for looking
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Canon EOS 30D, Canon EOS Digital Rebel, Petri FT


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