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Personal Info

Activities: Read the rest of the profile and you will know.

Interests: My passion is photography because it is always interesting to see the world through various lenses!

Favorite Music: I love classical and opera!

Favorite TV Shows: I do not watch TV... it is such a waste of time!

Favorite Movies: How can one choose just one favorite movie... I do not watch TV but have seen my share of DVDs! I like many, it depends on the mood!

Favorite Books: What are my favourite books... I guess the only favourite I have is the latest one I read.. and since I read one per week on average I would have 52 favourites per year... so I would not bother you making a list of them.

Favorite Quotes: You should never lose heart. God is merciful and kind. He has endowed you with the best gift: smile, which can make millions happy.
Show kindness through your face, your eyes, your smile and through the warmth of your greetings. You must bear a cheerful smile. Don't only give your care, but give your heart as well.

About Me: If you read my profile you might have come to the conclusion that I do not want to be found out fully since I am always hiding would it be behind a book or a camera.
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Canon EOS 3000N, Canon MV 830i


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