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United Arab Emirates
I’ve had an interest in photography since college but recently I suppose I have become a bit despondent and lacking in confidence. I particularly enjoy digital photography because of the ‘instant’ nature of it. It’s great being able to check your shots straight away rather than develop a full roll only to find that most of them are not up to standard. Because of this though, maybe I don’t spend the time I should really thinking about the shot and the technicalities of it, such as shutter speeds, apertures or DOF. My mission is to try harder to create a better shot at the outset and try to rely less on editing tools such as PS.

My dad introduced me to this site and it has totally awakened my senses and got the old creative juices flowing again. It’s a fantastic place to come and share ideas and learn from likeminded individuals. What a great concept – I’ve seen photo’s of beautiful places that I never would have seen in my entire life, and who knows………maybe one day I will actually get to visit some of theses places :-)
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