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Hello, what a great site to share the world with. I am a senior at San Francisco State University. My major is 'Telivision and Radio', but i've been taking pictures and working with photoshop long before i started this schooling. Video is 30 frames of jpg's per second, so it's just another form of media. I am originally from San Diego and as you will see from my photos, I have done some traveling.

My unsername, "brazilwood", comes from the original name that was given to Brazil when it was first found by Portugual settlers. They gave the country this name because of its Brazilwood trees that covered the land. During this time the whole world was in search of products to import and export and Portugual needed a new avenue of commerce especially. Most of these trees were cut down and the wood exported for trade. Soon, they just called this land, Brazil.

I love Brazil, because my best friend lives there and her family is my second family. Also, my home church, in San Francisco is Brazilian and they are also my family. Since I now live in San Francisco, it would be appropriate to say: I am a Brazilian trapped in an American body.
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