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Zeljko Radovic was born in Valjevo in 1955 (Republic of Serbia, Europe). He has been dealing with photography since 1978. Every since then, he has been creating black and white film, pursuing it even in the digital era.

He is interested in any image of beauty that can attract attention and that can be taken by the camera lens, guided by the careful observer. As a profound photo expert, he is particularly fond of control and monitoring of the whole process of photography creation. Therefore, after taking a photo, he spends significant amount of time in his laboratory where he continues his creation and monitoring the process until the final attempt reaches a goal a desired photography.
Instead of a standard contemporary digital camera, Zeljko, a master of the crafts, still uses a particular small format camera (35mm film) and medium format camera (120 film). Often, he uses contemporary technologies in his lab to finalize this process.

Жељко Радовић, рођен у Ваљеву 1955.године. Фотографијом се бави од 1978. године, са краћим паузама. Од самог почетка се предао раду на црно-белом филму, што наставља и појавом дигиталне фотографије.
Интересује га све што се апаратом може снимити, а фотографију прави и без филма. Воли да контролише цео процес настанка фотографије па рад у лабораторији сматра неопходним и наставком креативног процеса започетог снимањем мотива. Важи за доброг познаваоца и практичара класичних поступака израде фотографија. Kористи дигитални апарат али снима и на "лајка" и средњем формату. Снимљени материјал обради применом модерне технологије.
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Canon 50D, Canon EOS 3, Mamiya RB 67, Minolta X-700 35mm SLR

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