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Student (24) from Germany... travelling-addict...

on my HP you can find some more pics:

I was living in Spain the last year, this is why a big part of my pics are from Spain and cannot be put into a travelogue as for the time-span.

I always value a lot the critiques, that really speak about my photos, telling me what I could have done better, what I could change in post-processing,...
If you think that one of my photos is absolutely crap, tell me...
If you would have taken this shot another way, tell me...
It's better to learn from one's mistakes than only boosting your self-esteem by having yourself told what a great photographer you are... there's definitely mistakes we make and sure, noone is perfect. But only criticizing the pictures for real helps in developing.
Similarly I would ask you to judge my workshops.

This said, I also announce that I will be working the same way in my critiques, that I will say what I think - though of course I'm no perfect photographer as well... but I sure do have a sense on what to me is a good photo, and this is what I will tell.

And please, take the time if you look at my fotos, to also take a look at the unrated yet, to tell me what I could have done better.
Also workshops are greatly appreciated.
Thank you ;-)

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