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Asos is the most important antique settlement centre in Çanakkale..
Assos (officially Behramkale) is a small historically rich town in Turkey. Aristotle lived here and St Paul visited, but today visitors go to Assos as a tranquil Aegean-coast seaside retreat amid ancient ruins.

Atop a hill surrounded by olive groves are the ruins of the Doric-style Temple of Athena (530 BC) surrounded by crumbling city walls and an ancient necropolis (cemetery). Nearby is the 14th-century Ottoman Murad Hüdavendigar Mosque. The hill offers spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and the nearby Greek island of Lesvos.

Down the steep seaward side of the hill at the water's edge is the hamlet called Iskele (Dock, Wharf), with old stone houses now serving as inns, pensions and restaurants. It's hopelessly charming and picturesque. The small pebbly beach is less of an attraction than the boat tours and the picturesqueness of the hamlet itself.

Though officially named Behramkale (pronounced IPA /behrɑmkɑle/), most people still call the town by its ancient name of Assos. It was founded in the 700s BC by colonists from Lesvos. Aristotle came here and married King Hermeias's niece, Pythia, before sailing over to Lesvos.
The Temple of Athena:
The Temple of Athena was built on a site with a magnificent view overlooking the sea at a height of 238 meters. At present only a few of the temple's columns are standing but restoration work is in progress. The temple was built some time around 530 B.C. It is constructed of andesite rather than marble and has 6 by 13 columns and measure 14 by 30 meters in size. The acropolis is surrounded by a wall three kilometers in length. These walls are skillfully constructed of stone and reach 20 meters in height in some places. There are two big gates, one on the west and another on the east, as well as seven smaller gates. The walls were reinforced with numerous towers and were built in 365 B.C. (The polygonal walls we see here and there predate the 4th century however.)

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