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I should start by saying that all of you have answered correctly.
It is situated in Olympia.
Its construction began from Philippos [B]΄[King of Macedonia], after the battle of Chaironeia (338 B.C.)
Even those of you who did not answer because you considered it obvious that it is Greek ,you are right. All my friends all over the world are familiar with the OLYMPIC GAMES. It is worldwide known that this athletic competition began thousands of years ago in Greece, and more specifically , in the area of Ancient Olympia.
Back in those days the Greek nation was divided into smaller geographically oriented entities, so-called City- States.
In this category we find (back in those days):Athena, Sparta, Thebes, Corinthus, Rhodes, Delos,and,of course, along with several others, Macedonia.
These City- States (resembling highly modern greek administrative regional division), had their own Army and their own Government(kings in the largest part), however they shared the same language, the same religion, and constituted, all together, the Greek Nation.
In Olympia, all Greek Cities, and none other than the Greek cities,with the single exception of the Greek colonies of Southern Italy and elsewhere,were allowed to take part in the Games, but they were also obliged to follow the rule of “ekeheiria”, that is to stop all war activities, no matter how far from Olympia they took place.

This is my 400th photograph in [TRE] and I choose to dedicate it to the old City-State of MACEDONIA.
I am doing this because, all through my last 100 photographs, I have had to anticipate with a massive attack of certain neighbours from FYROM, who,carried away by political expediency and small interests, without any hard proof of what they say, since it is inexistent,tried to make you believe that Macedonia is not Greek and that the Macedonians belonged to some other imaginary state, with another language, architecture, religion.
Unfortunately for them, the glorious part of Greek history that includes Alexander The Great and his epical Wars, is common historic knowledge for the greatest part of modern civilised world.
However, since the central moto of [TRE] is
Learning about the world through photography
, I took the liberty to present you the truth using a current photo.
I am inviting you, friends from all over the world,and especially our next door neighbours from FYROM ,to visit Greece and its archaeologic sites, and to see for yourselves what is common to all greeks :that it is full of proofs that Macedonia is indisputably and irreversibly Greek(and, in order not to be misunderstood, I am not referring to the small and gradually developing, although greatly exaggerating State of FYROM, but to the large and beautiful northern part of my own country,which proudly bears the name that has belonged to it through the last 3000 years at least).
From the first years of the Olympic Games and long before the battle of Chaironeia between Macedonia and the coalition of cities around Athens and Thebes, Macedonia took part in the Olympic Games as an equal Greek city .
Proof of this is that:
The king Alexandros [A], in 80th Olympic Games, 460 B.C. ran in the Stadium and was second at a close difference from the winner.
• The king [Archelaos] Perdikas, fought in the 93rd Olympic Games, 408 B.C. and came first in a Game called “tethrippon”, in Delphi.
• The king Philippos [B]΄ was a three times Olympic champion.
In the 106[i] Olympic Games, 356 B.C. He raced with his horse.
In the 107[i] Olympic Games, 352 B.C. In tethrippon.
In the 108[i] Olympic Games, 348 B.C., in another Game called “synorida”.
• Kleiton won in the Stadium in the 113rd Olympic Games, 328 B.C.
• [Damasias] [Amfipolitis] ran in the Stadium and won in the 115th Olympic Games, 320 B.C.
• [Lampoy] [Filippisios], was elected winner [tethrippon] in the 119th Olympic Games, 304 B.C.
• [Antigonos] ran the Stadium and won in the 122nd Olympic Games, 292 B.C. and in the 123rd Olympic Games in 288 B.C.
• [Seleykos] ran the Stadium and won in the 128th Olympic Games, in 268 B.C.
• In the 128th Olympic Games, in 268 B.C., a woman from Macedoniawas winner in the Game called''syromenh synorida''.
The historian Pausanias reports “they elected as a winner in ''synorida'' a woman named''Belestichi'' from the coasts of Macedonia”

The building seen in the photograph is ''Filippeio'':
It is a circular kiosk building.Its construction was started by Philippos 2nd of Macedonia, after the battle of Chaironeia (338 B.C.) and wasfinished by Alexander the Great. It was surrounded by ionian style columns, and was one from the most beautiful buildings representing Greek architecture of the ancient era. Inside it, existed statues representing members of the Macedonian dynasty,made from gold and elephant bone, a work of famous sculptor Leocharis.

A week ago I visited Olympia and I saw that apart from the building there are also signs, statues,in hommage of Zeus and all other greek gods, that constitute proof of the following:
•The Macedonians had the same language with all other Greeks
• The Macedonians had the same religion with all otherGreeks
• The Macedonians had the same architecture with all other Greeks
• The Macedonians had the same artistic view with all other Greeks
• The Macedonians used the same names with all other Greeks
• The Macedonians had the same moral values with all other Greeks
• The Macedonians had the same fables with all other Greeks
• The Macedonians had the same heroes with all other Greeks
• The Macedonians had the same customs with all other Greeks
• The Macedonians had the same everyday routine with all other Greeks
• The Macedonians were Greeks

This is the truth, proven by thousands of existent proofs,spread all around modern Greece, cherised by all of us who are blessed to live in this country so heavily loaded with historic proof that we come accross it in our everyday life , and which make it impossible for us to accept this faulty propaganda arising simply from political interests.
This is why the vast majority of greeks find it imperative to ask you not to make erroneous conclusions from a propaganda that has its origin in clearly political aims.
I intend not to deal with this subject again in [TRE] since I have thoroughly expressed my opinion and I do not want to come in confrontation with other members of [TRE] .
Thank you very much for the attention that you showed to my 400 photographs.

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