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Passu is a small village on the Karakoram Highway, beside the Hunza River, some 15 kilometers from Gulmit, the Tehsil Headquarter of Gojal in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, and about 150 km upriver from Gilgit. It lies very near the tongue of the Pasu Glacier, and just south of the tongue of the Batura glacier. The latter is the fifth longest non-polar glacier in the world at 56 km,[citation needed] and reaches very near to the highway. The people are Wakhi and speak the Wakhi Language. Religiously they are Ismaili, a sect of Islam.

Tupopdan, 6,106 metres (20,033 ft), also known as "Passu Cones" or "Passu Cathedral", lies to the north of the village; it is the most photographed peak of the region.[citation needed] Also nearby are the high peaks of Pasu Sar, Shispare Sar, and Batura.

Coordinates: 36°28′N 74°54′E / 36.467°N 74.9°E / 36.467; 74.9
Passu Development from 1885 to 2008 (A chronological brief history)Share

Passu is located with KKH 125 km distanced from Gilgit and near the border of China. And among the ice wall of Karakurum range. In-between Bature and Passu glaciers the village attracts people very much . As water junction the village is every time under threat of river and glaciers or called one of the precarious area. The village has a total area 1050 km2. Covered by highest mountains, meadows, barren lands, plateaus creeks, glaciers, and fruit and forestry trees, Very famous for wiled animals and live stocks. Particularly yaks, goats and sheep are the main income also. Potato is the staple food and income. There are 115 house hold and 1025 population. A large number of people earn income from tourism and potato. And 10% people are on Government and Non Government jobs. There are hotels for facilitating foreign and domestic guests and shops for buying food and other stuffs. Jeeps, cars, vans and heavy vehicles are available for moving up to Shimshal, Sost, Chipurson, Khunjarave and down to Hunza and Gilgit. Very interesting tourist tracking places are there for short wandering like Yunz valley, to cross a suspension bridge for Khuramabad pasture, easy climbing up to Avdager. And for long track Bature valley is one of the unique place.

Passu community participation in development Development under Mir of Hunza. 1885, 1911, 1973 Passu community made several abortive attempts for the accessibility of water through channels from Batur glacier to Janabad plateau. But the movement of glacier did not allow the community to move ahead. 1970 A suspension foot bridge scheme 850 feet long constructed on totally community self help basis with an approximated cost of Rs 6 lak serving a population of 1000 who get benefits of live stocks, crops fueling wood from Khuramabad pasture. 1961 The community built a community hall for assembling to resolve their issues, celebration of ritual ceremonies and religious congregation.

Development under Passu Community 1980 A pipe project for access of clean water to 90 house hold through government scheme costed 1 million have been completed by the community. 1982 A Diamond Jublee Middle school have been constructed on totally community self helpBasis with a cost Rs 1.7 million. 1984 The community built the second community hall with cost of Rs 4 lakh from their own generating resources. The hall is used for training, conducting workshop, orientation, presentation about various projects and seminar. 1988 To prevent river erosion community constructed 4 spurse (band) of 600 feet from government scheme near the confluence of Shimshal and main river. Development under AKRSP 1983 At the outset of projects through AKRSP first initiative have been taken by Passu Community on construction of a 12000 feet long water channel from Batur glacier down to Janabad plateau The project successfully led the other surrounding communities of the area towards AKRSP for dialogue to expand its projects. Under this project 5000-canal land has been occupied by the members of Village Organization. 1984 The formation of Woman Organization by AKRSP offered a place for collective assembly and broadened the scope of social interaction Through WO Passu women took charge of their needs and insured the participation of the whole house hold. Through collective savings the women of Passu created their own assets through orchard production and reaped economic benefits from such activities. The women fostered their income through marketing their production e.g. crops, fruits and livestock fodder. 1999 Village Woman Organization historically played a central role in access of drinking water to house hold and live stocks for winter season in Khuramabad pasture. The project made the life of people very easy and they are proud of it. VWO with the help of VO members dug out 3000 meter long rocky land and made the water accessibility in winter.

P.D.O Passu Development Organization

Passu Development Organization established by the representatives of traditional and non traditional communal institutions of the area. It is a private registered under company act 1984 as communal non-profit company. The objective of the company is to help and improve the quality of life of the people of the areas. It has established in 2002 with the mandate to focus on institutional and economic development of local communities in collaboration with multilateral donors, Government departments, elected bodies and agencies national and international levels. PDO has acted as a catalyst for organizing local, human, physical and financial resource in order to enable communities to bring about their own development, natural productive physical infrastructure. PDO’s programmes have to ensure continued support from the primary constituency members. Equally important is the support and acceptability in communities of proximity. As PDO sets out its plan of action like this.

First the PDO must build upon its strength through mobilizing to raise funds from the expatriate communities of inside and out side of the country. To make conscious decision regarding the image to be projected. It must endeavor to become associated in people with individuals who command respect and legitimacy in the country. Third, base the program on shared vision of social change. To expend and strengthen the collective ability of people. Fourth, be explicit of the question of partnership. The PDO must decide whether it will act as a self contained unit for delivering certain services and out comes. Fifth, articulate a strategy for raising financial resources both by expanding resource abase over the long term and leveraging these resources with external source of funds. Sixth, institutionalize and communication program, PDO must establish system for a periodic assessment of its contribution and for the dissemination of result to the public.

Development under PDO

2002 Woman Organization fostered Vocational Training Center with the help of Japan Hat Hat Center. The women improved traditional skills of handicrafts, tailoring and embroidery. 2002 Through a German philanthropist Barbara the community has accessed irrigation water to Batur Yashpert. The project was very challenging to community because thousands of water pipe in pieces was impossible to lift it 40 kilometer from KKH beyond Batur valley passing through out from glacier. With strong determination each member seven –eight times lifted a piece of pipe (18 kilogram) and placed it to the projective area. 2003 Eight hundred feet long protective spurs (band)constructed to protect Passu village from river flood erosion costed 1 million from Poverty Alleviation Program. The active participation of community completed the spurs very before the given target. 2003 The community renovated the middle school from its generated income of Rs1 lak And equipped learning resource to the school. 2003 A project of English Model School funded by community and Japanies Philanthropist the community is constructing its building. The first phase of building is almost near its completion and the academic session will start from next year. 2003 A mega project of protective band is funded under Japan Government Rs 4.6 million to protect Passu village and relive the devastation of an old land by river flood in fifties and sixties that wiped out the property of billions. The Japan government vowed and demonstrated to erect 1700 feet long spruces (bands) to reclaimed the land by the community. The evolution of community active role in rural development resulted in a multitude of positive benefits for community male ad female members. PDO facilitate members access to area development program and packages. The struggle of community is continue to bring further development in the village to provide basic infrastructure and to control the natural catastrophe happen by glaciers and river water.

Development under Passu Reform Panel. (PRP) From 1992 to 2008 Passu Reform Panel formed with the consensus of villager to bring positive changes and development in the village. The Panel had eight to ten members from each clan in each year to maneuver the emerging and prevailing issues. Passu Reform Panel brought very positive changes in the village. For instance there are changes which are visible and made clear differences between the period of past and present. The panel initiated and works to build the village’s social, cultural, historical and environmental structure. • To protect the local fauna and flora, under PRP many steps have been taken to protect fruit able and forestry trees, crops and other vegetation. And action has been taken to control deforestation. Goats, sheep and cattle are in restriction in their shed, not to destroy the plants. Sites are being selected for grazing the animals. And each house hold is responsible to keep his duty in turn and circle. • One of the significant bringing reform is conservation and protection of wild fauna and flora. The debate and discussions among the panel members brought a good result to aware and educate people that what kind of benefits they get from their natural resources. • Issues which emerge in the village with the time, PRP is the only source of minimize the issues and arrange sessions for debate and discussions to resolve the problems. • The decision of celebrating ritual ceremonies comes from the panel e.g. the announcement of annual crop growing ceremony (Taghm), harvesting, (Tczineer) farewell of winter (Kitithit) etc. • Bringing reforms to abolish unnecessary customs and customize it with the passage of time. Each year the clannish panel sits and discusses over it and implements the resolution with the consensus of village general body. • On provision of basic small physical infrastructure PRP plays a vital role to organize and motivate the villager to build Channels, bridge, protective band, link roads, measurement of barren and cultivated land etc. • In religious congregation PRP organizes and facilitate programs. Caters feasts and food to minimum1000 male and female participants. Some time the number of participants increases up to 3 or 4 thousand. • The panels initiated to bring reforms in that unnecessary expenditure which people spend in extravagancy. • Allover, putting effort by PRP is appreciate able. Play its role very actively and reinforces the other organization and working groups like Volunteer, Passu Development Organization, Passu Students Association, Woman Organization, Village Organization and all religious groups.

Future plan: Passu is one of the precarious area in upper Hunza. Natural catastrophe surrendered it from each angle. There for an old say is still familiar that Passu is at the mouth of three dragon meant, main river, Shimshal river and Passu glacier are always threat for the area. Being at dangerous zone the villagers surrendered in several difficulties and problems. Until and unless the following further steps won’t get follow, the living of people here would be difficult. • To protect the village from the recent flood threat ( Passu glacier flood appeared January, 2008) in near the KKH bridge of both down and up side to divert water. • The houses at dangerous zone of flood are a serious issue, which are to be shifted in Janabad and Khuramabad. For this purpose the extension of channels of Janabad and bridge for Khuramabad are in very priorities. • To re continue the land plots in Khuramabad to resolve the less and extra land among the house holders. And to pave the way to rehabilitate the people from the dangerous zone • Water pipe scheme for Janabad is to be improved . • Self made power house from Bature glacier should be erect to resolve the electricity problem. • Steps be taken for provision of quality education. DJ school must be shifted to new building and split the classes into primary by community and middle by AKES’P to run the school for luring philanthropists. • To continue the conservation and protection of nature and natural resources for the common benefit of village. To strengthen the common institutions by generating income. Avdagar must be reserved for trophy hunting area. • To develop tourism by various facilities e.g. building of jeep able and foot able link roads to touch the interesting places. • To reactivate PDO to invite funding agencies and philanthropists to work on projects like woman income generating activities, education and for the other social development. • Channels construction scheme for Khuramabad and Tpopdan to bring the barren lands in irrigation. • The barren lands which are still not in plots should be in plots to resolve the coming dispute among the house holders.... written by Ali Qurban... Added by Nadeem Akbar Tajik..

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