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Great Royaldevon 2019-11-07 6:27

Hello John,

This is a cracking shot, sharp and with true colours, not really indicative of a scanned photograph.
I wonder if you intended to capture the car so clearly or was it impossible to avoid. You haven't clipped it at all; is it an Anglia?

Apart from the car, the details of the fountain and the statue of the king, on an elevated column, are crisp and accessible.
The water is seen cascading freely, a nice detail. I wonder if those many umbrellas were placed purposely to shelter tourists from the spray!
It looks as if you were not the only one eager to record this scene or these people! Yours was probably more interesting because you were including the other photographer!

My warm regards,
Bev :-)
What's the weather like in Scotland? It's bucketing down, here, the bottom of our lane was flooded this morning but, I believe, they have dispersed the water now. I wonder what it will be like tomorrow, after another day of perpetual rain!

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Default To Royaldevon: Photos - and weather!

Hello Bev,

Thank you for your very kind words about this one!

First of all, yes, I was quite surprised just how well this copy of a 58 year old Kodachrome slide turned out. And, seeing how you're not everyone, I'll let you into a secret. Now I do have a dedicated slide scanner which Yvonne gave me quite a few years ago but unfortunately, although it worked pretty well with Windows XP, it no longer works with Windows 10. A chap did lend me an Aldi scanner which he'd bought for around 20 or so but it was worse than useless as any scans bore little or no resemblance to the original slide.

Then I had a thought. Presumably these really cheap scanners must have cheap plastic lenses in them and their optical sensors must be pretty poor quality too. But, hey, I've got an expensive machine with an excellent sensor - my digital camera - and I've also got a great high quality macro lens for it. So I did a bit of research and eventually bought a LED lightbox off Amazon for around 20 and now I simply lay my slide on it and photograph it with my camera and macro lens - using a tripod or some other means of stabilising it of course. Then I can crop and edit the image in Photoshop, correct lighting and colours and, more importantly, clean up 54 years' worth of attic muck and dust off the image. Good fun - and it seems to work! You should try it if you have any old slides you'd like to "digitise"!

Ah, ha. The weather. Well, actually it hasn't been all that bad here at all. Yesterday (Wednesday) was my walking day" with my geriatric pals, there had been some rain overnight on Tuesday and so our paths were pretty muddy but we had a fine 6+ miles walk without any rain at all and it only started raining yesterday evening. Today we've had light showers on and off but nothing heavy. In fact, the heaviest rain we have had was on Monday but that was mainly overnight and the days haven't been too bad at all. But it is getting quite rapidly colder and I suspect we might be seeing a bit of snow anytime soon.

Best Wishes to you and Len (I hope he enjoyed the Van Gogh joke. ),


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Default Van Gogh

Ha! Ha! yes we did get the ere ere joke.
Sorry ere joke, two eres would have meant he lost both ears!

Well, the flooding near us has subsided and though we had a bright start to the day, today, it has begun to rain again! 🌂 I imagine there will be a lot of umbrellas for Christmas presents, this year!

Love to you and Yvonne, Bev
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