To daddo: German tourists

  • hi Klaudio,

    I hope you are not suggesting our behaviour was comparable with throwing lollies out of the window I cannot instantly change the way this boy's life is going. I can stop in my hike when I meet him, have a brief chat, exchange gifts - fruits and school supplies for him and his permission to photograph him for me, be respectful of himself, his achievements and his traditions, and then walk on until we meet the next family and stop again for a conversation. I realise my camera alone probably costs more than this kid has earned so far and will earn in next 5 years and that he might (and should) think that it's unfair. but I don't think it means we should be kept isolated, right?

    take care,
  • Dear Kristine,
    there was no intention in my critique to judge you or anyone else who takes photos in less affluent societies.I found myself in Africa recently with the same dilemma when confronted by misery. It is just that the boys "smile" and his gaze triggered off a bad memory and made me relive a childhood experience and made me see the world through his eyes.I am sure that you are an honourable person and your postings are ones that I have admired over the years. And it is a credit to you that you caught the boy's expression, whereas others would have rejected this ambiguous and uncomfortable smile. All the best. Klaudio.
  • yes, I know exactly what you mean by "bad memories", I also remember being on the receiving end of the Western tourist "behaviour". on the other hand, I am glad I had that experience, I hope remembering it helps me avoid becoming just another arrogant visitor.

    how is life otherwise? I haven't participated on TE for more that 6 months, and I have to say that right now it seems to me that absolute majority of posts (way bigger share than, say, 2 years ago) are well before average. have you been active all this time? how does it look to you?

  • The good, bad and the plain ugly
    You are right, they are getting worse and lacking in any discipline, appearing more and more like family outings shots. You have been spared for six months of looking at dross overall. I am still posting although less and less keenly. The thing that keeps me going is my travelogue of my Japan trip and the desire to finish it. Take care. Klaudio.