To faganrodney: East Coast theme

  • Rodney,
    I tried to add this photo to your East Coast trail theme but I could not find it,so I started one.
    Can we combine all these East Coast Trail theme photos into one theme?
    I don't know how to do it?
  • Re: To faganrodney: East Coast theme
    Hi Jim,

    When I created my "East Coast Trail" Theme, I wasn't that familiar with it either. I looked into why you could not see it, and found I made it as a Personal one. If this is done, no one else can add to it.

    I will also add to the one that you have started, as yours is set to public. I think it is a great theme, and will contain some good photos. I will add to this when I get back home and on a faster connection, the boat takes so much time with the Very Slow internet connection.

    Thanks, Rodney
  • Re: To faganrodney: East Coast theme
    Thanks Rodney