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Great Clairedelune 2006-11-19 11:45

Avocation or suffocation? ;) Ok, ok. I will try to take back my romantic me for the time being.......
Hmm. I may not be able...
What strikes me the most in this photo is two things. The hand of the man and its eyes. Though the woman seems to be totally lost in her feeling, in her embrace and in her kiss, the man seems to be aware of everything else. Look at his glance!
And look at his hands. Fingers outspread. And the little finger (thanks George about that new word for me, "pinky" or "pinkie"!).
As much as I want to be romantic, I just can't. I don't really know why, but for me it is more frightening than romantic. Is it the glance? The possessive attitude ("she is mine!" type of glance)? Don't know.
One thing I know though is that it is a hell of a good photo! You are a desperate case Mr Ray. You just can't show us a bad photo, isn't it? ;)

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Default To Clairedelune: Eyes

Hi Claire,
You got the bit about the man's eyes just right...I was tempted to take this rather intimate scene perhaps merely because of the darting eyes of the man, seemingly engaged in this intimate activity, yet were roving around...hence the title, "Avocation"--a hobby for him perhaps, about which the girl knows nothing, at least as yet.
Thanks for the comment, which as always is insightful.
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Old 11-19-2006, 07:26 PM
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Default Re: To Clairedelune: Eyes

So far, to the best of my knowledge of French, only Dolin described this photo as a romantic tête - à - tête...
Lucky us...There is nothing romantic in there...
It's just diabolically good photo...Very, very good photo...
Animesh had posted some 'not so perfect' photos.
That's why I called him human. Very, very human...
I hate the word 'superman'...(:-))))
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Default Re: To Clairedelune: Eyes

A diabolically good photo from a very human photographer... Hmmm.... I like that!

I agree about your hate for the word superman. And it doesn't apply to Animesh. Phew!
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