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Great sandip 2006-09-08 12:17

...have not been arround in TE for a while and i really missed some beautiful picture like this one , i must say.

Well I liked everything here the tone , warmth, composition everything here.. just to point out a small detail like the glass window or the door at the top.. I feel it is perfectly placed... gradual change of color of the stair case and one person coming in other going somewhere else.. everything is perfectly placed.. A very very nice one..

Well here is something which i think could have been better.. just a second later if it was shoot , i feel you should have got only the leg of the person who is going out of the frame..and you could have got the lady little more in.... but that depends , you dont know what will happen next, it just a call of an opportunity.

nice , really nice.

PS. You turned off the points system.. good thing.. I did the same sometimes back, but you know what, turning off the system only hide the points from YOUR end, everybody can see whats your point and how much point you got for induvidual photographs except YOU. hehehe.. I think the system is not full proof.. just getting a self-satisfaction, nothing else... I can see at this moment you have got 2523 points total and this particular picture got 30 including mine.hehehe...

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Default To sandip: :))))

thanks for that... :)

yeah, TE kind of becomes a full time hobby! I am trying to spend less time here as well, while I catch up on the rest of my life...

From one of Arindam's pictures, I gather that you had an exhibition?? How did that go? Do you work in that callcenter?

I take it you turned your points back on? So let me get this straight...I am collecting points but I am not awarding them??

I did not expect this picture to go down all that well...there was another one, which I thought was better (no man in that one)...I uploaded this hastily, as it seemed to have a better story. Thanks for your suggestions though - I like your abstract approach and I feel that I would like to start "thinking out of the box" a little more. I like the earthy textures here more than anything though...

thanks again...k
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Old 09-11-2006, 12:12 PM
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Default Re: To sandip: :))))

Hi Kaj,

I work for Hewlett Packard, it is not a call centre, but an IT company. I support servers for NA. But I have an easy access for the call centre.

Ok, the exhibition was pretty good, it was not a solo exhibition though. But I strongly feel , I need to go a lot further to think about an exhibition hehehhe...

About the point system... I mean it does not matter for me at all... I expect some constructive criticism ( the way i do for others too )... I am not keen in getting points much... however I dont mind whether it is turned off or on... If i turn it off it takes effect only from my login , and i feel it is of no use to turn off too then .. thats kinda self satisfaction.. i m not actually turning off from the whole system hehehehe...

Well , I dont mean that you are collecting points but not awarding others.. i just thought u may not have seen your profile without login ( so u may not know how it looks to others ...)
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