To Traveller: NYC theme

  • Hi Irina,

    Thank you very much. I have dreamed of going to your home town of NYC all my life and had the first opportunity last year. It's a wonderful city. I'm grateful that you placed my photos in your theme.

    I love your photo's of
    NYC and Italy. Venice is also one of my favorite cities.

    michael nunes
  • Re: To Traveller: NYC theme
    Michael, thank you very much for your kind words and praise!
    You know, NYC is great for visiting and hanging out, but it is so tiring if you live there! It is huge and it takes so long time to get from one point to another... it is ok in the city itself, but if you need to go to Queens or Brooklyn, that's minimum 1,5-2 hours ONE way in the subway only!!! And those crowds, people everywhere talking (all possible languages), cars, buses and trucks moving... I live here 11,5 years and I am so tired of it!..
    But I have no other choice now (work determines everything), so I would better stop complaining... :)
  • Venice
    Oh yes, Venice is something totally unique. I went there only once yet, but hope very much to get there again some day, because those day and a half that I spent there definitely were not enough!
  • P.S. Venice
    Being in the mood, I am going to post one more photo of my Venice series. There are lots to come! I just could not stop taking pictures there! :)