To annjackman: Being too clever for one's own good.....

  • Hi Ann,

    Thank you once again for your very kind remarks - in fact, probably excessively kind ones in this case!

    I think I was just trying to be a bit too clever by far here. It seemed like a good idea to focus on those red berries and knock the chapel well out of focus. But I don't think it's quite worked out anything like I hoped it would. There are some small patches of very bright sunlight on the grass and on the chapel too and they are indeed distracting as well as being unpleasant. A controversial photograph indeed - but not a good one!

    Ho, hum. This photography lark reminds me a little of the story of a chap walking in New York and asking a passer-by how he could get to Carnegie Hall. "Practice, practice, my boy!" was his reply. But, as well as practice, perhaps I should try to learn from my mistakes too!

    Kind Regards,