Multiple entries with different spellings

  • I don't know if this issues has cropped up before, but I've oftened wondered if how easy it would be to reorganise the multiple entries for some places (particularly ones depending on transliteration to get a Roman representation) into an arbitrated common one. (I guess Adam could arbitrate). I suppose it would be difficult, because it there would be nothing to stop people reinventing a deifferent place name again, without blocking the facility to add places names not already there. Maybe there could be some tidying up, once a place has at least three pages worth of shots, or something like that.
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    Richard, I could not agree with you more. Even though this has been a continous topic here in forums, nothing has changed for better. The same problem is with camera and lens database as discussed in this forum</a>

    What can we do? Wen can we hope a change for better?
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    I'd like to moderate them all : P

    but I can't ;)
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    I think that the only way to solve the problem is with a real placename lookup utility. Anyone posting wouldn't be able to manually enter the location - rather they would have to choose from a list. It kind of works a little like that today if you want it to, but there's still the option to just type in your own placename. I've even seen photos assigned to the wrong country...

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    If you browse through the forums you'll notice it has been a repeating topic here in TE forums.
    There was a similar thread about the camera and lenses database, which is also a complete mess. I suggested there that entering a new camera should not be made so easy but it should be an additional option after it really does not exist in the database. The same should apply for the places.

    After selecting a country and a state from a drop-down menu there should be a similar drop-down menu for already entered cities with the last option of "other" or "add new".