To Angshu: Yes...

  • I agree: sharpness ta ektu kom. Also, the BG is not isolated enough. Both of these problems have the same source: this is a relatively small crop from a 70mm 10Mpix candid shot. Since it's f/5.6, the DOF is pretty large: I should have used a longer focal length. Also, the photo was on the spur of the moment, so I didn't have time to compose the shot with the right parameters. Maybe I should have taken more time... that's the trouble with digital I suppose: I'm not forced to take more time in the photo

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  • Workshop...
    ...later today I'll try and do a WS addressing both the issues...the sharpness and DOF! Both can be done in PS, and would do it for fun...let's see!
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  • Wow! Defintely greater DOF (thanks to blurring) and sharpness in PP... Of course, it would have been best if I had taken a better photo (with something like a 50mm 1.4), but thanks very much for the workshop!



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