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  • Hi Didi, your test reply in the above link is reachable. But the replies which were written two days ago are not. Let me give you two examples:



    Apparently they've solved the problem "partially".
  • still doesn't work
    Still the same here.

    I can't see the replies + no entries under 'photo discussions'...

    hope it gets fixed soon, as this is a very useful feature, imho

    (or is it me?)

  • I also expect a quick intervention to solve this problem... It's very desagreable not to be able to read the replies, and eventually to be able to reply to replies, with the certitude that it can be read by the one to who it is destined and by others who might be interested by the discussion.

  • Bug alléatoire
    Désolé je réponds en Français, si tu peux traduire après merci.
    Si tu cliques sur le bouton Reply et que la page du forum nouvelle version apparait, dans ce cas pas de problème, tu pourra voir ton commentaire qui sera visible par tout le monde.
    Mais si c'est l'ancienne page du forum qui apparait, dans ce cas ton commentaire sera invisible , je te conseille de ne pas continuer.
    J'ai tenté plusieurs essais, parfois ça marche et parfois ça ne marche pas.
  • Oui, bon l'idée, c'est quand même que ça marche en permanence, non, pas au petit bonheur la chance!???
  • Au petit bonheur la chance
    J'ai adressé une copie d'écran à un modérateur, le problème est très bien expliqué.
  • this should be fixed now. let me know!
  • Problem still exist
    Quote: this should be fixed now. let me know!
    Hi Steph
    The problem is coming from the small pics critic page

    But if I click into the picture and I answer to a critic it will be Ok

    I'll send a Copyscreen to Brent because I don't have your personal &mail adress, the file is heavy.
  • critiques page
    I've just noticed the same as Didi. When we are in the page of critiques (where we see the thumbnails and the critique beside them), if we reply there, it doesn't work (we have the page to write like we had before the new forum), and then we can not see the reply after that.
    If we are in the page of the picture (with full size image), it is OK, the replies work from this page, we can see them after.
    I hope you understand me (it is hard for me to explain this in English )
  • Ok Maria
    Toi aussi tu as trouvé le problème


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