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Great macondo 2006-12-15 8:31

Well, I'd expose more for the sky and then use post processing to bring the stuff on the right out of the shade. I'd also crop it to get rid of some of the left side and the bit of balcony top right. I had a go at improving it, just very quickly and roughly using a crude selection tool (don't look too closely) just to show what it might look like if you worked on it when you're sober again. See what you think of the workshop.

I used to use the water torture method myself and can vouch for its efficacy, by the way.


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Default To trebuA: Thank you

Dear Guy Aubert,
Thahk you for your viewing my photograph and workshop-edited-photo.I've seen it.
But I think that darkness and shadow is important more than brightness and colorfullness,
brightness and colorfullness is indeed impressive but only of one moment.
Deep and contineous impact is from shadow and darkness of photo-space.
What do you think about this?
regards, Akihisa
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Old 12-16-2006, 01:26 AM
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Default Re: To trebuA: Thank you

Hi Akihisa,
That's nice thinking and I don't know what the exact answer is but have you ever been north for a while, I mean above the polecircle ? Well, it's statistically proven there are more depressive people over there than at ower latitude. And do you know why ? Because there is less light and brightness during daytime. So I believe we need brightness and colorfullness more then shadow and darkness to live ower lifetime on earth. And I think it's even true for a picture. A bright and colorfull picture is inviting me for a trip to the place showing while the same dark picture feels sad and keep me home alone. Am I right ? I don't know but that's the way I feel it.
Regards, Guy
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