planning for a trip to India-help

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    I am planning for an Indian tour.But I am unaware of anything regarding India.Kindly help me out.I want to visit all the popular destinations too.How should I plan out?
  • Make sure to wash your hands constantly it is easy to get sick there, drink only bottled water, no matter how attractive all the juices as stuff look.
  • Trip to India
    Hii I m Daniel and i love to write and guide the people for travel in India. As I research a range of topics I enjoy sharing what I learn with others.
  • Hi, India is huge place. Many things to do and see. if you can offer specifics I might be able to provide some advice.

    How long? Any specific region/city you'll be starting in? are your interests sight seeing/adventure/romantic/resort/food? Solo travel or with others? Hostels or hotels?
  • 1st time in India
    I've been in India for more then 4 months over the last 10 years.

    For a first trip I would recommend:

    7 to 10 days Rajasthan:it's probably the state that attracts the most tourist.
    You have hotels 1 star to 5 stars so no different then the lodging you find in Europe or the US. Beautiful fortresses and palaces everywhere.

    7 to 10 days Orissa or Chhattisgarh: This is the other end of the spectrum. Here you will find the tribes. If you want to travel back in time for 50 years this is the place to be.

    See some of my posts for both places.

    I use always a private car, with personal driver and personal guide.

    Also, I plan my trip via a local agency
    email: [email protected]).

    From experience: you won't pay the margin that a local agency takes. In planning your trip, they will also use an Indian agency and take a 30% uplift as margin. You can trust Heritagetoursorissa. They organised all my trips.

    Hope this helps.
  • I guess you need to be more focused on what state you want to visit and according to your taste what are your preference at touring. This is how it will work for you.