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  • Does this map still get updated?

    Over the last week or so I've posted some pictures from Mexico, but so far this hasn't been indicated on my world map yet.

    I hope it can get fixed, I kind of like maps...


  • patience
    I had the same probleme last month...(with austria and germany) and one day these countries has been colorful on the be patient and Mexico will be colorful...but I don't know why and the moderators had not answer to me (on the forum)....
    excuse me for my very bad english...
  • ... same problem
    I have the same problem with no Mexico lit up on my Overview page.
    I do notice that the state of Nayarit shows up on a Mexico map when I click on "View Map" below, under Photo Location Information.
  • still waiting...

    (I'm sure it's not Mexico's fault...)
  • viva mexico!
    I don't know if someone actually did something, but today Mexico suddenly did pop up on my world chart.
    It sure took some patience.

    But's just in time for the country's big birthday!

    Viva la fiesta!

  • There has been a problem with the map not updating, and the techies have been investigating. If your map has updated maybe the problem has been resolved.
  • resolved
    my cart is well now...the problem has been resolved during next days....but I don"t know why...
    excuse for my very bad english


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