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Great Bruno40 2007-09-05 2:55

HI Luko
I enjoy the photo, and the note. I learnt something today, which is always good.
I am not expert on portraits, so I can only tell you that I like it, whatever the flaws it might have (I can see the oof eye, but doesn't bother me).
I disagree however with payment for pictures.... just a personal policy... maybe better to have bought some peanuts instead.
Good job, and TFS

Old 09-05-2007, 10:41 AM
Luko Luko is offline
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Default To Bruno40: Payment

Hi Jorge,

You are right to disagree with payment against pics, I do too as a general principle... and I avoid those professional photo moneymakers.

A couple of times I have offered a small note to my "subjects", although they didn't ask anything but because it's the only thing I could offer them, not knowing any means of communications or because I thought it was the real thing they needed, or in the case I felt intrusive in my shooting.

However in certain countries it's a trade off : if you go in Mozambique, you'll see it's almost impossible to get a posed portrait of a woman, you can say all the "muite linda, muito bonito olhos" beforehand, it simply doesn't work... they ask money to the government, to the NGOs, to the local officials...and they get it. So asking money to the acunha (white man in Makwa language) is natural. Buying peanuts gets you peanuts... photo is additional money. No thanks, I didn't want peanuts.

I explained in my caption that I WANTED a musiro woman shot. She was the best looking musiro woman I had seen on the whole island, my trade off was then get my shot or stick to principles and get nothing. I'm realistic.

The other musiro women I shot were "on the fly" catches, ie. I aimed then shot before they could ask anything, when they asked me for money, I slyly pretended I wasn't photographying them, whenever they ionsisted I abruptely told them "deve trabalhar para ganar dineiro"... more or less "go to work to earn money".

An unfortunate thing happen to me later. A few days later on my last day on Ibo island I bumped on a young musiro girl nicely showing a "gradient" musiro : completely white on the forehead, getting more transparent on her cheeks and almost absent on her chin. I asked her for a photo, inevitably she asked for money : I replied that she wouldn't count of a single Metical from me.

My camera batteries were near to empty after two days photo without any charging possibilities, the second one was already exhausted. However, I met some children around and, to their request, photographied and showed them the results : as usual they laughed, called their friends or relatives and jumped around to show their happiness.

After I was finished with the kids, I heard a girl voice calling "hey, acunha!" I turned around and saw my musiro girl smiling, she wanted to get her photos too. "No dineiro" I said... she nodded "no dineiro". I sat close to her, in the background a muted blue wall echoed to her dark blue head dress.

Then my LCD showed a message written in red letters : "no batteries"... My camera automatically switched off.

On the hindsight, I think I was right to pay that orange musiro woman.
The conclusion of this story is also "don't waste your time shooting cute kids"

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Old 09-05-2007, 02:07 PM
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Default Re: To Bruno40: Payment


Funny story, and I 100% understand your condition.. I might have done the same... It is just my idealistic principle.
Good story, really!!

Have a good night!

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Old 09-05-2007, 05:04 PM
eleparc eleparc is offline
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Default Re: To Bruno40: Payment

you are right Luko, principles are made to be broken once in a while.. and you did well this time!
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Old 09-05-2007, 05:46 PM
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Default Re: To Bruno40: Payment

my response to this was "voce paga para trabalhar? nao. estou trabalhando e eu nao pago para trabalhar" this actually works pretty well, if they understand that you are just a working stiff trying to get your work done.
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Old 09-05-2007, 07:28 PM
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Default Re: To Bruno40: Payment

"if they understand that you are just a working stiff trying to get your work done."

Not sure it would have worked either.

The problem is that some of them complained in Makwa to my guide that I would earn money with the photos I got, become an architect (!), buy their houses and earn even more money without any payment back. (which btw says a lot about the usual scheme in Ilha... seems like Antoine, Escondidinho's owner is buying whatever he can).
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