Is Nicou ok?

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  • Hello TE friends,

    Has anyone heard from Nicou (Nicolas Amherd) lately? I noticed that he hasn't posted in over a month, and he is usually a regular participant here on TE. Just wondering if he's o.k...

    Take care!
  • Bonjour Brenda,

    I have checked his account and I could see last time he had logged in was on June 5th.
    I have sent him an email, I hope he will be able to respond soon...

  • no news
    I've seen he is no more here, nothing on Face Book since april; I send him a message with messenger and no answer?
  • Hello, I am also worried. I have sent him an e-mail but he hasn't replied.
    I hope nothing has happened.
  • After sending an email 2 weeks ago, got no response. I have tried via FB Messenger, no response, also tried to contact his sister on FB, no response either...
    Very upsetting!

  • Missing Member
    HI Viviane,

    It is upsetting.
    Nicolas was such a regular and inspirational photographer.
    He has certainly been missed!

  • Hi Beverley,

    Christine and I tried to reach him or any of his friends on TE and FB.
    We even found a phone number and Christine tried to use it. Everything w/o any result...

    Message to anyone who is able to contact him: let us know.

  • let's go
    he posts photos elsewhere; he does not answer here; everyone is free...
    but we regret his beautiful photos!
  • A pity and not very kind for his TE friends...
  • If he is posting the pictures elsewhere, this is very good news.
    He takes actual photos, so he is healthy.