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Great ciakgiak 2009-08-02 17:02

Ciao Nina,
molto bello ed efficace il POV che hai scelto, immagine, oltre che interessante, dal grandissimo impatto grafico.
Un caro saluto

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Default To Miha2ou7: look as nice

no my real problem with including more of the trees .. and my problem with the whole series of images that this goes with .. was that despite the "flat" feel caused by the telephoto that there is actually a big distance from the foreground back into the falls ..

in order to get apertures small enough to have a Depth of Field to have nice sharp edges on both the foliage and the more distant stone I had to use really slow shutter speeds .... so because of that the slightest of breeze was blurring the greens ...

luckily I took a bunch of exposures on a wide range of settings .. I had to sift through a bunch to find some balance between having both the foreground and background in focus thanks to a small enough aperture .. and not have all the leaves blurring in the breeze due to the slow shutter speed ..

I suppose I could have done some layering of exposures in photoshop .. but I hate layering when it involves crazy complex and involved leaf edges .. In retrospect I am so automatic with throwing on my ND filter to dim things down for flowing water that I am wondering if it was actually dark enough on those falls to have left it off .. but I was not thinking quickly enough on my feet at the moment .. but I chose this exposure and actually cropped a bit of the framing greens off .. and I liked it better with more .. but .. the sharpness of the leaves fell apart as it got to the edges .. they were just too blurry ..
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Old 07-22-2009, 07:57 PM
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Default Re: To Miha2ou7: look as nice

Yeah, I understand the dilemma, long exposures make the water flow look impressive, but of course also screw leaves if there is even a hint of wind, as well as everything that moves, and would ideally not. Layering (merging or whatever) in PS doesent help, because the trees are shifting, it just blurs the photo even more, perhaps if there was some way to selectively sharpen, leaving the trees in motion, while sharpening the static elements.

I think you managed perfectly here by cropping.
Best regards.
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Old 08-03-2009, 01:45 AM
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Default Re: To Miha2ou7: look as nice

well I perhaps could have layered the slow exposure over the fast exposure and then erased the leaf areas from the slow exposure .. but I am not so patient with with such a complex area .. take care, John
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