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Old 06-01-2005, 10:53 AM
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Default Unity

i think i may have an idea in order to help thsi site. Prehaps it has been dissused perviously. I think in order to upload a picture the restictions must be harder. say prehaps you have to wait 24 hours, view over 30 photos and write at least 10 critqies or something like that. I think this will help bring the community closer and the people who do not spen alot of time here will stop uploadeding pictures jsut to get points. Only the ones who really want to build a community will stay. What do you think?
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Old 06-01-2005, 01:28 PM
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Default Re: Unity

Yes Jonathan, this has been debated many, many, many times....
Being French, it is possible that I do not understand all nuances of English, but I feel that Adam does not wish to create rules which would make TE elitist.

However, I can understand your remarks ; just browse the Statistics, and you will find incredible results... for an example, I just saw (picking up a page by random) a member who has been posting 154 pics without never writting ONE SINGLE CRITIQUE.

Anyway, I think the "selection" could be simply done by ourselves.

First we should change our way of critiquing. Most of critiques are positive ones, and this is encouraging for the one who receives such critiques. But we should take the time to stop also on what we consider as "bad pics" and we should express our negative opinion. Negative critiques are a minority today.

In the same spirit, when noticing that a member never critiques others, we should not just ignore him, but write him a non-rated comment to remind him that this site is based on exchanges. Perhaps they do not all know that critiquing other members is highly recommended.

ADAM : by the way, I think it could be VERY INTERESTING to see the number of critiques given, for example just under the name of the member, in the information case of each pic, when opened. It would be a way for everybody to know immediately with what kind of a member we deal with.
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Old 06-01-2005, 04:07 PM
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Default Re: Unity


This is indeed the main problem of every community...
Once it's quite prosper, a new kind of people appear, with a more "parasits" attitude than "symbiosis". Just taking as much as possible, without giving anything. Your proposition, Martine, is quite interesting ! But I guess after a while, those users will "upgrade" a bit, by just taking the last 10-20 pictures posted and writing "wow, super !". By doing so, they'll be able to post again, and continuing their parasite attitude.

So what's the solution ? I don't know... and happy is the one who knows !
Cheers to all !

PS: the parasite and symbiosis terms are not meant to heart anyone... But I have to say that what I really appreciate in here is this symbiosis spirit !
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Old 06-02-2005, 03:41 AM
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Default I kind of disagree....BUT

Yiu are basically right. But I dont think we need Adam to maks such restrictions. You can do it. What I do is look through the forum and search for photos that I either like or ones that have potential. When I see one, I look at the star next to the person's name. If theres a silver or gold star, I would write a critique or comment. If there isnt, I check the person's critiques written. There have been plenty of times that I didnt give a smiley to a good photo because the person has very very few critiques but lets say 100 or 200 or so points. Just today, I saw one and the person had a couple of critiques written. I liked the photo but I wouldnt give such a person a smiley because its a wasted smiley. I wouldnt even write a comment. Its not about points but about communication and establishing a community. People that dont want to reach out, well, I wouldnt reach out to them. Also, people I have given a lot of critiques to, but who never returned even a comment, I no longer give any critiques to either, even if their photos are great.

I think we can police ourselves and not bother Adam.
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