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  • Since the day of this new forum I didn't receive any of the usual email Critique Replies Alerts, nor the Forum Message Alerts. Other members have said me the same.
    Now I went to Forums > User Control Panel > Edit Options and in Messaging & Notification > Default Thread Subscription Mode I choose Daily email notification.
    Is this that does the previous feature of email alerts?
    If not, can you help me?
    If it is, I will know tomorrow (if someone reply me), and therefore this message can help those members who don't know about it.
    (Don't forget to click Save Changes.)
    Avenida Marginal, Mindelo, Cape Verde
  • alerts
    I also noticed the lack of alerts... I didn't know how to change these features. I'll follow your "guide" and we will know if it works
  • No email alerts
    Still the same: no email alerts.
    Have anybody email alerts? How?
  • Habemus alerts
    Hi Francisco,
    I followed your instructions... and I chose INSTANT ALERTS. I'm receiving them! If you chose DAILY, for example, maybe you will receive tomorrow... or later? I don't know
  • I'm reporting to this to tech and will get back to you.

  • Instant Alerts
    Quote: I'm reporting to this to tech
    Thanks, Steph. In fact I asked other (Portuguese) members and they also don't get alerts. But I wonder why not many people complaining.
    Now I'm going to try the Instant Alerts suggested by Docarmo.
    Quote: I followed your instructions... and I chose INSTANT ALERTS. I'm receiving them!
    Vou tentar esse modo. Só para confirmar, diz-me se e quando recebeste o alerta da minha resposta (às 07:02 GMT) à tua crítica à minha foto mais recente.
  • Who receives all the email alerts?
    I changed to Instant email notification, I've got some email alerts, but not all.
    For example in Marigot Bay by plimrn, Pat replied at 05:04 GMT (09:04 California time) and I didn't get any instant email notification until now, 09:48 GMT.
  • alert
    Olá Francisco,
    Tenho recebido regularmente os alertas.
    Conferi este, por exemplo, recebi o e-mail alert instantaneamente mesmo, já que na minha caixa de entrada do e-mail consta a mesma hora em que você escreveu aqui. O horário na página do fórum é o mesmo que consta no "Inbox" do meu e-mail.
  • Critique replies alert
    Hi, I'm not getting any critique replies alerts either. I've been through the "User CP edit options" and changed the settings to instant email alert but so far nothing. I am getting alerts from the administrators removing three of my critiques and also getting replies to a question I proposed on the General Forum. So far the only way for me to check for replies is to go through my "written critiques" and look for the + sign next to the critique. I hope this will be sorted out soon by the administrators as replies to critiques is an important facility for members to communicate with each other.
    Perhaps the administrators could issue set-up instructions for critique replies on the announcement forum.
  • hi everyone,

    This is being worked on.

    Thanks for your patience..


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