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  • looking for new website
    or there's this one, again, with one or two ex-TEers.

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    https://www.photofolia.net/ - set up by some disenchanted TEers some years ago, old timers will recognise some of the names (like everlasting). It isn't free, a quick look suggests that the quality of the photos is (dare I say it) higher, IMO. Activity though is also not high, maybe even less than TE....

    Photofolia announced that they are closing down on April 22.
  • Hi, Photopholia has the same problems as similar sites - very low activity of members and probably high costs. Anyway, Photofolia will close very soon. These are the last days. There is as closed Facebook group with the people from Photofolia with many former TE friends (at the moment 358 members). There is also Instagram and Flickr but it is not the same. I like in TE that I can see all the photos and critiques very quickly - after the place or the member. It is not possible anywhere.


  • What will happen to our personal galleries ?
    Hi everyonse,
    As of lately, life has kept me away from Trekearth. And I miss it. But I will come back.
    However when I peep at the forums, it frightens me to think that one day we might wake up and find Trekearth has just disappeared as it happened with Beta-Trekearth.
    Is there a way to save at least our personal gallery before that happens. ?
  • No easy way that I am aware of. Copy and paste the image to your own computer would do it, but would be a lot of work.