To holmertz: travel in time

  • Hi Gert,
    I am not sure if you know that with the Google Maps you can also travel in time, to certain extent.
    At this very spot Google maps stores two photos of this house, one from 2012:!8i6656

    and another one from 2017:!8i6656

    Not sure whether my links will actually work.
    But it shows indeed that the house was already green in 2017 but was quite grey in 2012...

    Kind regards,
  • Thank you Mariusz,

    No, I wasn't aware of this possibility, but it's very interesting. Grey and unremarkable in 2012, so maybe also in 2014.

    I have only noticed many times that travelling along a street in both directions I may find myself in daylight one way and at nighttime coming back, or in winter this way and summer that way. I have travelled up my own short street and found ugly graffiti on the side wall of my house, but turning back I see the bright mural that replaced the vandalization.