Best US National Parks

  • I want to visit as many national parks as I can in my lifetime. From the few that I have seen, here are some of the most beautiful and worth visiting in my humble opinion. All of the national parks are beautiful, but I definitely want to make it a priority to see all of these. Most of these are out west. Maybe a road trip is the best way to see them all.
    1. Yosemite
    2. Grand Canyon
    3. Zion
    4. Olympic
    5. Redwood
    6. Denali
    7. Grand Teton/Yellowstone (very close to eachother)
    8. Glacier
    9. Everglades
    10. Great Smoky Mountains

    I'd like to know what your favorites are and if you agree/disagree with me.
  • I love the US National Parks! I did multiple road trips in the southwest and have to say that my Top 3 are Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Yellowstone. If you do a 2-3 week road trip you can cover many parks of the southwest at the same time with some awesome scenic roads in between! If you want to know my top10, I've written an article on my favorites - maybe this could be inspiring for others here as well:

    Cheers from Germany,
  • If you're more of a winter traveler, then the Rocky Mountain Park is one of the best ice climbing peaks. Also try Everglades National Park which is a complete contrast and gives a 'True Detective' feel...
  • Those two Yosemite and Grand Canyon are really woderful and stand out from the crowd. I still remember my first visit there about 20 years ago
  • Your list is pretty darn definitive. All awesome places.

    When visiting Yosemite, add in Sequoia/Kings Canyon too. They are right near each other, and is home to the Giant Redwoods (General Sherman)
  • I visited some National Parks in California and stayed in these cabins Great experience and I recommend this.
  • For me Yosemite and Glacier are the best place.
  • Sequoia National Park is amazing. It's located in East California, a few hours drive from Los Angeles. I will never forget that place!