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  • Bonsoir Gert,

    I think I got all those you have found... Please don't hesitate to send more if necessary.

  • Thank you, that was quick. I am sure I will find something.
  • Quote: You have asked for rapport of the names of places which are not correctly located. So far I have found more than 300 wrong locations in Sweden! I can give you a list in pdf-format, if you want to "repare the problems”

    . . . . .

    Once reason to use TrekEarth is to find pictures from different places on the earth, for instance if you want to visit them. It is therefore quite essential to achieve the correct information!

    Please contact me by email if you like to have the list. I will then attach it to a direct email to you.
    Got the list of 319 faults and I think they all corrected now.
    I must say that you did a great work to make it easier to me, which I very much appreciate.

    Thank you a lot!
  • Thanks Viviane
    I have seen that all the wrong locations are now corrected, thanks a lot!
  • One small error left
    I noticed one small error left, in the "state" of Bohuslän, it should be "Tjorn" not "Tjorne". But otherwise everything seems OK.
  • Tjorn done to...
  • Old, post but the following are all from the same place:

    Colonia de Sacramento
    Colonia del Sacramento
    Colonia del Sacramento.
    Colonia do Sacramento

    The actual spelling is the "Colonia del Sacramento" one.


  • Hi Rob,

    Thank you for mentioning these mistakes.
    It has been fixed now...

    Amicalement - Viviane
  • ChefChaouen, Morocco
    Chefchaouen has its own province. It doesn't appear in the TE drop down menu. Could it be added please, and all existing Chefchaouen images moved to their correct province?
  • Hi Viviane,

    Regarding wrong locations, I have noticed that one member, muratd, has apparently been to Sweden and he has uploaded a number of pictures. I far as I can see, all of them are from Stockholm. I can´t see exactly where in Stockholm he has been, but it looks like the northern part, i.e. in the province of Uppland.

    However, he has chosen provinces very randomly from all over Sweden. He has placed Stockholm in remote provinces like Härjedalen and Dalsland. In this way, he has managed to fill the map with bright colours... Naturally, he can correct all these errors himself, but I think it is quicker if you correct them all.

    So, all pictures from Sweden by muratd should be located in Uppland, Stockholm.



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