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  • Dear Viviane,
    I noticed there are a lot of versions of San Francisco in California:
    It starts from S.F. and ends with San Fransisco. Interestingly there are two versions which look identical. I wonder if there is an extra space before the name of between the words.

    I think Los Angeles and San Diego are equally messed up.

    Kind regards,

  • Hello Mariusz,

    Thank you for pointing this out.
    I did changed “San Francisco” en “Los Angeles” but there is indeed a BIG MESS in California!
    I will try to “clean up” when I will find the time...

    Best Wishes,
  • I suppose one of the reason is that in countries like Span a smaller units were selected for TE i.e. not Andalusia but malaga, while for US larger units were chosen like states instead of counties. In result there are many locations in each state making it even more messy than for European countries. My guess is also that this is a reason why TE is less popular in the US. People travel to another country less often than when you live in a small European country.
    Anyway it is such a pity since the locations are something so unique for TE.
    Thank you Viviane,