To kasianowak: brexit

  • Hello Kasia

    Brexit is just so wrong-headed, and I'm sure the immediate future isn't too rosy, but I'd hate to see you pack your bags! Mind you, I reckon the "populist" mindset back in 2016 was to vote to 'get the foreigners out' and 'get back control': neither exactly thought through. The vote back then was based on mis-information, dis-information, ignorance, lies and prejudice, so of course we had to 'respect the will of the people'! You'll guess I'm becoming less and less of a democrat!

    As far as your image goes, I should ignore the advice of an old, grumpy ignoramus! But maybe we should have a little sail in my yacht, if you have any time to spare this next season...

  • Brexit
    Yes, I can see the disadvantages of democracy and its biggest risk - blooming populism. I'm, well, kind of, over 50% British, now I had spent over half of my life in this country. ;-) But I worry about the value of my property and the employment prospects (not sure in which order). The former depends on the value of the pound (if I'm to sell and buy elsewhere) but the latter may be a problem when moving to another country as I have British education (at least half of my qualifications - accountancy), so my knowledge of the law, the taxes, the rules is all UK-based. I don't think I'll be moving that soon... :-)

    You know I value your opinion about my images highly. Or, rather, your opinion on photography in general.

    As for sailing - my proposal to go to Stockholm still stands... :-)