To jean113: Poor homeless man.....

  • Hello Jean,

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Yes, sadly I can honestly say that I did not notice this homeless man sitting in this doorway when I took the picture though I definitely did see quite a few similar individuals crouched in less salubrious places near the railway museum. The sun was blindingly bright here and I just thought I'd try to get some shots against the light as we walked down the street as I liked the shadows cast by the people walking towards us. Even after I downloaded the images onto my computer, it wasn't clear at all what was going on in the deep shadows on the right and it was only after fiddling in Photoshop that it came apparent that there was indeed someone there.

    Of course, we do know that in many cities hotels (which would otherwise now be empty of guests) have been taking in people such as these, so I can only hope and pray that this fellow now has found, or been given, somewhere safe to stay.

    You take care in these worrying times, Jean.

    Kindest Regards,