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Great johnjmoe 2020-04-02 18:01

Hi Mike,
She's a natural. Sign her up. Great shot.
Cheers, John

Old 04-06-2020, 10:18 AM
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Default To holmertz: Homelessness.....

Hello Gert,

Thank you again for your kind words.

Yes, I still find it remarkable that I didn't even notice this man when I took the photo - the sun was blindingly bright and I was trying to get some shots against the light just for fun as I liked the strong shadows cast by the people walking towards me. The place where the man sat was in complete darkness to me: even after downloading the pictures to my computer, that area on the right was just deep shadow - but with the magic of Photoshop I managed to retrieve quite a lot of detail from it.

Yes, I do worry about the plight of this man - and, indeed, of several other homeless people I saw as we walked around York. York appears a fairly prosperous place and I was surprised by how many homeless people we saw there. I do know that in many cities hotels (which would otherwise have had to close completely on account of lack of guests) have opened their doors to homeless people, so I hope this man has found some safe place in which to stay.

I am surprised that Sweden appears not yet to have such strong regulations regarding freedom of movement as have been applied in most other western European countries but perhaps that will come. Are you yourself making a conscious effort to reduce your travels around your city or to avoid contacts with others?

Take care.

Kind Regards,

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Old 04-06-2020, 12:53 PM
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Hello John,
I haven't used any public transports for several weeks and I make detours around people I meet the few times I go out. The few times I go shopping I go out very early in the morning, just after the shops opened (some as early as 7). If I wish I can ask nieces or neighbours for help, but I would rather do my own shopping than having others expose themselves to the virus for my sake.

It's against the constitution to reduce the individual's freedom of movement or to declare an emergency, except in a state of war. The government has asked for a special temporary law to be quickly approved by the parliament, to allow it to close down shopping malls, gyms, nightclubs and similar non-essential places where a lot of people meet. I can't imagine there will ever be any total curfew like in several other countries. We have a long tradition of independent experts suggesting necessary precautions, and for generations there has been a fairly strong trust of these politically independent government agencies. We trust the experts, and they trust the decent behaviour of the public. We are fairly allergic to "strong" political leaders who trust themselves more than they trust those who know anything.

Will that be enough? Who knows? We will find out in due time. So far I can't see any obvious connection between almost dictatorial regulations and a successful containment of the disease. We have few regulations and as yet not the disastrously fast spread of the virus as in some countries.

Best regards,
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