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Great PaulVDV 2021-01-29 8:38

Hello Mariusz,
It's fantastic that certain areas in Europe have a preference to provide as many window sills as possible with flower boxes.
It makes a street / district / city so much more charming.
Here you created a good colour contrast between the flowers / bricks and the sky.
The German '' is easy for certain people. It's pronounced exactly the same as the Dutch and the French 'u'.
I don't understand your comparison with 'y'. In which language is 'y' pronounced as ''? Perhaps in Scandinavian laguages...
Best regards, Paul

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Default To PaulVDV: y

Hello Paul and Mariusz,
I happened to see this conversation. At least in Swedish 'y' and '' are pronounced the same way. (known as a 'German y') isn't included in our alphabet but is used in certain family names, either because they originated in Germany or because '' is thought to look smarter, more international than 'y'.
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Thank you Gert. It sounds quite interesting. I didn't see your answer so I answered to Paul separately. I just wanted to add that for languages which do not have the identical sound as French u or German , one has to find a simple enough equivalent. Later when you live among native speakers long enough you can correct and adjust the pronunciation. It becomes much harder when one gets older. I remember my Chinese friend trying to teach me couple of words: differences which were very subtle to me were huge for him.
In Polish we don't have but our y is like English myth. It is probably the closest I can think of for Polish learner. My wife is a German teacher but she does not want to take a side
Kind regards,
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Hello Mariusz and Gert,

I remembered the 'y' in some Scandinavian languages being pronounced as '' in German or 'dun' in Dutch.
If I'm not mistaken there's a place called Stryn in Norway and the pronunciation is like 'Strn'.

I forgot for a moment how 'y' is pronounced in English in a word like 'myth'.
I only had the pronunciation in mind as in 'by' ... and that seemed so different from '' ...

The differences in Chinese are very subtle.
Also in Vietnamese. During the boat trip I made in Halong Bay, the tour guide gave a lesson in Vietnamese.
There were five different spellings and pronunciations for the letter 'a'.
However, I could only hear three different ones. I saw the differences in the spelling because they used accents. But I didn't hear the difference ....

Best regards,
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