• I hate to say that everything was better in the past. I’m an advocate of renewal. Renewal is necessary to gain improvement. And there are always teething troubles with the introduction of something new.
    Beta-versions are a good help to avoid premature “going life”. But in my observation there are little differences between the new version and the often criticised beta-version. All constructive criticism was in vain.
    This introduction is QUICK AND DIRTY instead of CONSIOUS AND CONSIDERED.
    A lot of functions we used regular, disappeared. Up till now no useful new advanced options are to be found.
    After a short inspection I found the following items:

    No possibility to look at the last pictures and critiques of your favourites.
    Mixed and confusing use of member name and username.
    No themes in the photo information.
    No additional info of photo exif.
    No option to add new members to ones group
    Etcetera, etcetera

    New lay-out: a matter of taste. Advertisement: I understand that is necessary to keep TE free. No comment of me on that. But nevertheless I have to conclude that the introduction of the new version was far too early.
    I hate to say that everything was better in the past, but now I do have to say it.

    Dag, Rob.
    In Amsterdam this qualifies as a kankerzooi. Make it a complete mess in English...
    Stopping en masse to post would be the sensible things to do now. That would give those genial money-lovers something to think about.

    vite fait, mal fait
    Quitting posting : the first thought when i discovered the new version
    funny : search a city in Ile de France Region: it stops at the letter C ^^ LOL
    I don't usually join mass choruses of disapproval, but in this case I must. Will someone please explain why volunteers were asked to test the site and then their suggestions were blatently ignored. There are so many bugs to be ironed out, why the rush to put the new site on-line??!
    I'm just glad I'm too busy to post at the moment. Hopefully it will be sorted out when I return...but I won't hold my breath!
    is it still a beta version, or a joke ???

    the evidence is that there is still a BETA TALK on this DEFINITIVE VERSION