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Needs Improvement Polonaise 2008-10-31 14:28

Tell me dear John, where is in there, in your photo - a one tiny bit of Any kind of the excitement that would possibly justify this incredible amount of green monkies you've managed to gathered for this (IMHO) complete mediocre photo ???

God on high !!!
How boring a boring photo can actually be ???
These washed out, pale colors, incredibly simplistic ( just not to say: primitive) POV...
There is nothing more than a just a bunch of bushes of unspecified colors randomly spattered across the photo, some grass and some water...

Help me, dear friend - upon the subject.
There are hundreds of the excellent quality nature photos, posted around TE ( few of them are in your gallery as well!) and this one is as far from any blast as it is humanly possible...
My 10 years old nephew is able to produce better shots than this one ( and he doesn't have any camera - yet !).

Do you think I need to study photography subject more than I've already had ?

Is there a secret somewhere - (and, I'm unaware of its existence ) - that will help me to understand this total madness and sheer idiocy of the green points being applied for something of so lesser value as this photo is...

With all love and respect


Old 11-01-2008, 07:22 AM
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Default To Polonaise: Help me, dear friend

Hello Mister Humor,

I have laugh when I this text read, I must confess...sometimes the sarcasm in your critiques turns to wild humour, as write the previous writer, these man is a intellect person.
I have you absolutely not compulsorily for look it to my photograph.
I know that in the world different people are, happy that the creator, all sort people have created, good and bad.
You brought my a good evening, I have very good laughing,
sitting in my chair, to read your simplicity of your note

To the next time, salute.

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Old 11-01-2008, 02:53 PM
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Default Re: To Polonaise: Help me, dear friend

there is not a single lie in what george has written, i'm affraid... i also try to find a logic behind that sword of green-point-givers-to-poor-photos, and, dear john, this photo of yours is really poor if you consider its content, postprocessing, presentation and all these things...
regards, j.
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Old 11-01-2008, 06:34 PM
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Default Re: To Polonaise: Help me, dear friend

Dear John…
Allow me please to share some good laugh with you as well..
Please, point the line in my text which is particularly funny?
A word…? A single letter - perhaps? The entire paragraph ?
Maybe some idiom, possibly - being as philosophical as well as deeply hidden intellectual gem, known only to those with the brains capable of reaching such high level of intellect like the very yours one…

Please, help me, pal…
My critique was intended to - properly and to best of my honesty - evaluate your latest post.
I found your photo of not being very different from many others in your gallery ( but, not all of them - mind you), yet…
This amount of completely worthless, brainless praises for this photo is really shocking !
How is it humanly possible to see those things, they wrote about - in your photo ???
Whoever, wherever, whenever - saw at least ONCE in their life - a good photo of nature - some books, calendars, a photo magazine, a photo album - anything decent on the subject - how is it, I repeat - psychologically possible to come to your site, see that photo and write those words ?

Dear John, please…Try to understand me …
I'm not here to give you a hard time ( or, a good laugh - if you prefer)… It is the pure and innocent curiosity of 'the things', being with me - throughout my entire life…
I don't condemn you whatsoever… God forbid, not …
Your behavior on TE, your writing of thousands of critiques to completely worthless fotkas, just to bring you the avalanche of green monkies in return - it's not my business whatsoever…
Personally - I wouldn't do that in a million years, because I value my photography and myself, and my photos and I can't even imagine that I will do anything so low as to praise anything that don't deserve the praise… And, what what ???
For the false impression that my photography is worth anything ???
I have offered you something absolutely precious, John.
I have offered you the critique from someone who knows the photography much better than yourself… It's from me… George Grabarczyk… the Polonaise…
I offered you even more than that… :-)))
I offered you a yellow makaka… The ONLY useful mark of evaluation that exists on TE…
The greenies are confirmation of …Of…Of… Something !!! (fill up the blanks - if you wish ) -: )))
The yellow monkie is offering you a healthy kick in the head… A moment of truth… A moment of break long enough to pause for a while (perhaps ?) in your run, stop and look around…
A reason for one short moment of thoughts… Of some contemplation upon:
" What the bloody hell I am doing day after day…
Posting ( almost !) of the same nature, worthless fotkas…The same theme… The same motives - like thousands of the other 'photographers' on the site…
Grass, water, bushes, trees, skies, rows of trees, canals, bushes, skies…
Yet - the others are much more honest than myself…
They don't run around spreading the green monkie disease as I do… I, the John M. !

Usually - your photos are properly exposed, neatly ( ugh, what a word ???) finished, shiny and cute and terribly, terribly boring…
Oh, no…Not because of their quality…
No… Not whatsoever…
It's because of their repetitiveness ! Because of the sheer number of the same, over and over motive…
Among them there are some of the real extraordinary appealing, but the majority of them…???
It's like someone would say:
'John M. ?
I know WHAT he's going to post !!!

Oh, well
You wrote that I gave you a good laugh - the first time around and, I've tried my best to give you even better one this time, dear John.
True… It doesn't have the level of intellectual factor of the 'other guy', still..
I solemnly hope, that you'd be able to rest comfortably in your arm chair and laugh… And laugh… And laugh…
Because, after all….
Dear buddy… It's only a photography…
Big deal !!!

I hope you enjoy your weekend enormously…
I know they have an extraordinary beer in there, in your country…

Love and cheers, brother.
Say hello to your lovely wife, John ( It's her in your introduction photo, right ?)


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Old 11-07-2008, 07:00 PM
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Default Re: To Polonaise: Help me, dear friend

I am in complete agreement with George, although realize this is as much of the critique for the whole site as it is of the photo, it's just that this images seems to be a worthy medium to deliver it.
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Old 11-14-2008, 10:37 PM
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Default Re: To Polonaise: Help me, dear friend

Wait a minute, Peter and Jerzy !
Just wait a minute, dudes ...

Are you trying to say that these 70 praising critiques posted to this photo - were written by the people who have no idea about the photography ???

C'mon guys...
Who are you..? Do you think that you are more decent and more honest than these outstanding photography experts in there who praised that photo so high ?
Have you ever took thousands of fotkas with the grass and trees, just because there are people around who never ever saw any fotkas with the grass and trees ( I won't even mention the skies and the waters !)...
You see, dear buddies...
It's for them... For the people who never saw any fotkas with the trees and grass and the water and the skies ...
In color !!!!!!

Hey... Hey... Get a life.

And, have a wonderful, smiling weekend...
Cheers, John...
Life IS a beautiful thing - after all !

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Old 11-14-2008, 11:12 PM
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Default Re: To Polonaise: Help me, dear friend

Hello John,

I'm with you. You must forgive George. Poor Polonaise. I can't figure out what came over him. Yes, terrible. I go further and say it's quite irritating. Yes, irritating. He went to far this time. How is it conceivable for someone in his right mind to spend even a miserable second commenting on your picture. An absurd and unforgivable waste of time. George, let everybody down this time. :-(

Take care
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Old 11-14-2008, 11:57 PM
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Default Re: To Polonaise: Help me, dear friend

Mea culpa... Mea culpa... Mea culpa...
On my excuse I must say I did it out of tremendous respect for those immensely talented critique writers, who share their opinions in such untamed and profound way...
Can you imagine their lever of writing when they'd see the photo BEFORE writing the critiques ????


I ask for forgiveness and promise not to waste a millisecond on such production - again

Naaah... I always say that...I always lie like a dirty scum !

Love for all of you

Georgie The Terrible.

Don't forget... Tomorrow you can stay longer in bed !!!

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Old 11-15-2008, 01:07 AM
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Default Re: To Polonaise: Help me, dear friend

Georgie the Terrible became a kitten, mauwing mediocratie, what happend, the word-polluting TE-spirit has bitten maybe ... go to sleep, a long sleeeeep maybe a pincess will wake you in a far more nicer dream, less green ...
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