"China Eats Crow Over Doctored Photo"

  • I happened across an interesting article- that I thought some might find of interest.

    "China eats crow over doctored photo".

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    - Dan
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    Inexcusable... both the fakery and the lack of refinement in post-processing. The things some people will do to give the authorities a "slam dunk".
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    I wonder how it would have done on TE?

    Bob says..."Great composition, colour and light! TFS :)"

    Dan says..."Thank you!"

    Rhetorically, it is amazing that someone of that accomplishment would take that type risk with his reputation and career. Makes you wonder how much choice he had in the whole thing.


    Bob G.
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    Very interesting story Dan, thanks for pointing it out. It sure served well the propaganda purpose, before falling out of grace. My guess as a non-expert is that it is next to impossible to uncover "good" fakes, and the quality of blended images improves constantly.
    Good to know that the photographer wasn't executed.
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    Hi Dan - great forum post, a good read. It reminded me of these two war-time related frauds by photojournalists.


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    A great thread this one. As Jack points out, these things just happen all over the world, I'm afraid. There are zillions of other examples to illustrate this. It seems the art is all in managing to 'get away with it'. Sad but true...and great fun for us if they get caught!