To CaptainJack: Retouch skill

  • Hi Jack, おひさ~!
    your post-processing skills has got really better now. Actually I am surprised with your WS result. I love what you have done on the image, especially the cloning. I don't do it normally coz I believe the reality should be remained rather than being hidden behind. I have never done cloning for that reason but also I don't have the skill(lol) You showed me it is not that bad technique to use to clean up a photo.

    Thank you so much!

  • Re: To CaptainJack: Retouch skill
    どうも。スキルとはいえないと思うが、ちょっとだけいじっただけさ。<笑>ワークショップのためにクローニ ングしたが、同じく普段は写真にノータッチ哲学です。ははは