To dHitman: Big Smile

  • That's the best advice & encouragement I've received from anyone! I sincerely thank you for it. As I'm still a novice, i value any advice that comes my way - especially if it comes from a pro. It's truly an honour. Well, I've ran out of photos to show. Till next time then :)

    BTW, how's the new job going? I'm starting mine on Tuesday!

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    Well it's a typical first day "blue" especially in a large corporation like Canon :o) Shook hundreds of hands, smile & smile & smile LOL! Other than that I would say it's pretty 'duh'....

    Oh so you're starting yours tomorrow? You joining Olympus? (that's the camera you use) ha ha! Anyway GOOD LUCK!
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    Well, it gets more exciting soon I'm sure. You might not have the pleasure of shaking so many hands after this. So enjoy it while you can. But I'm sure ur just itching to just get out there and go trigger happy, right?

    Me? Work for Olympus? Please. They wouldn't be able to afford me. ;P
    Kidding la

    But thanks!

    Eh btw, talk about photojournalism, are you interested to do stories for magazines like Marie Claire? Or have you done that already?
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    Of course I'm interested to do stories or assignments for any magazines :) You have any "connection" with Marie Claire? If yes don't hesitate to "pull" me in ya? LOL!

    I'm now trying to sell a picture story to Destin Asian magazine, which is an Indonesian based publication. I wish my selling & marketing skill is as good as my photography skill, ha ha!

    Regards, Jino